Responsible Luxury

Upscale home products, rooted in refinement, relevance and responsibility.

Portico provides upscale home products that are rooted in refinement, relevance and responsibility. 



History & Background

For nearly three decades, the Portico name has stood for the best in modern and sophisticated collections for the contemporary home. In 1988, it opened its doors in New York’s historic SoHo district and quickly became a design destination for noteworthy interior decorators, architects and editors. Enjoying frequent appearances on the Bravo network, Portico’s renown grew with the anticipated unveiling of shops across America in its most iconic cities. Success in bedding and bath inspired the brand’s expansion into the hospitality sector, fostering a longstanding partnership with Hyatt Hotels. In 2009, Portico introduced the use of sustainable fibers in its collections, heightening the integrity of the brand while appealing to a more conscious clientele. Today, Portico’s designs maintain the same distinctive luxury aesthetic and thoughtful craftsmanship its devoted clients have loved since its beginnings.


Our Standards

Uncompromising in design and aesthetic, all Portico products are carefully crafted to consider both environmental and social impacts. In doing so, we uphold the integrity of the earth, and our clientele.

Our Materials

Materials are thoughtfully sourced, held to the highest ethical standards, and always free from toxins and heavy metals.


Our luxury linens are fabricated from the finest organic fibers, sourced globally from India to Italy, and certified to a premium precedent set forth by the Global Organic Textile Standard.


Portico pillows are filled with the finest quality feathers from duck and geese that are expertly treated, and responsibly farmed. Certified to the Responsible Down Standard, this special seal ensures Portico’s best practices in feather procurement.


Ethically sourced from the Peruvian highlands, our Alpaca wool is coveted for its natural color, warmth, and exquisite hand. Purchase of these pieces aids the longstanding tradition of Andean farming through the support of the organization, Pacomarca.


The conservation of water and resources is of primary concern to Portico. As a result, we utilize low impact dyes to preserve the nearby land, and protect human health.